Official conference language and language which contributions are accepted in is English.
  • Exchange of experiences in developing and utilization of advanced ICT for education
  • Development of a multidisciplinary platform for information exchange in research and development of multimedia and hypermedia applications, in a complex ICT support of education and in new ICT based services for education
  • Supporting a collaboration among the users and suppliers of educational solutions
  • Plenary lectures of invited speakers
  • Oral sessions
  • Specialized sessions
  • Dialog (poster) sessions
  • Videoconferencing and remote Presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Exhibition and showcases
  • Politics of educational process in knowledge society
  • National and European qualifications framework
  • Revitalization of higher education and promotion of industry-university collaboration
  • Multinational educational, training, and youth partner programs
  • International projects of innovative teaching and learning
  • Educational structures over crossing country borders - international recognition of qualifications and comparability of qualifications
  • Sharing best practices on intercultural education
  • Education, research and globalization
  • Leadership and university administration
  • ICT skills
  • AI in innovative teaching and learning
  • Industry-university collaboration enhanced by AI
  • AI for assessments and qualifications
  • Cybersecurity education and awareness
  • Evaluation of the impact of high-speed networks and new-generation
  • Internet technologies on stakeholders in the education system
  • Presentations and verification of publicly oriented network applications and systems
  • Architectures and design of distributed learning environments
  • Methodologies for online-based courses
  • Social networking technologies
  • Educational/serious games and software
  • IT services management and development
  • Security and data protection
  • Videos for learning and educational multimedia
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Virtual classrooms and laboratories
  • Remote collaboration tools for students and educators
  • Cloud computing
  • Learning and teaching innovations
  • Advanced classroom applications and technologies
  • m-Learning: mobile applications and technologies
  • Blended learning and flipped classroom
  • e-Tutoring and e-Mentoring
  • Learning management Systems (LMS)
  • Building virtual communities
  • AI-enhanced learning analytics
  • AI-driven Personalized Learning Pathways
  • Ethical considerations in AI-enabled education
  • AI for content creation and adaptation
  • AI for student support services
  • AI-supported adaptive learning systems
  • Automated assessment and grading
  • Cybersecurity education and awareness
  • Privacy concerns in educational technology
  • Immersive technologies for special education
  • Assistive technologies in the classroom
  • Agents and agents’ systems
  • Author environment and authoring tools
  • Interactive learning environments
  • Group-ware tools
  • Virtual reality and virtual eLearning infrastructures
  • Quality and efficiency of eLearning
  • Complex eLearning environments and solutions
  • Concepts and modeling of virtual infrastructures: eLearning, e-business, e-medicine, virtual laboratory and university
  • Management and engineering of eLearning systems
  • Standardization of eLearning objects
  • Intelligent tutoring
  • Perspectives in security and research
  • Digital libraries and repositories
  • User-generated content
  • Open content
  • Learning analytics
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Building virtual communities
  • Plagiarism and intellectual property rights
  • Digital rights management
  • Knowledge management
  • Training the eTrainer
  • Blockchain for content authentication
  • Gamification and interactive learning
  • Smart Content Analytics for Learning Improvement
  • Specific courses and designing solutions in the countries and institutions
  • Institution-specific cases
  • Virtual universities and university portals
  • Trends in the development of new communication technologies and services eLearning and legislation
  • The sustainability of open access in news media and higher education, and the impact of massive open online courses (MOOCs)
  • New experiences for Curriculum
  • Integration of cross-cultural studies
  • Generic skills and their development
  • Courses, tutorials and labs
  • Course management
  • Skill needs of labour
  • Global collaborative learning initiatives
  • AI in educational project management
  • Community engagement and social impact projects
  • Remote learning projects beyond the pandemic
  • Best practices for effective online education


Paper full version (min. 6 pages, for reviewing process) August 15, 2024
Notification about acceptance September 15, 2024
Final paper (final format for publishing in IEEE pproceedings) October 15, 2024
Last information and Final Program October 15, 2024
Conference Days October 24 - 25, 2024


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All papers must be presented either in oral session or in poster session. If a paper, included into the proceedings, fails to be presented any way at the conference, papers wont be published in IEEE Xplore database. Pay to publish is not allowed in IEEE.

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Papers will be check within the context of plagiarism. Accepted papers will be submitted to inclusion into IEEE Xplore Databases, SCOPUS and WoS. If paper plagiarism exceeds 20 percent paper won´t be added to conference program and proceedings. The paper should be original and unpublished. Please, do not copy from other publications, because the paper will be checked by the IEEE plagiarism detection software, and it will indicate if there are copied parts. IEEE takes it very seriously, here are all the details regarding plagiarism. If your paper is not original, not the authors’ own work, or submitted to other conferences or journals, or a copy of another paper, then the paper is removed at once. It is not even allowed to copy from the author’s own paper. ‘Pay to publish’ is not allowed by IEEE, at least one author of the paper must show up and present it at the conference. Conference proceedings papers are single-blind reviewed. Conference Program Committee is not using student reviewers.

For preparing your poster, please follow the instructions in the guidelines and use the following template.


Chairman in memoriam

Jakab FrantišekTechnical University of Košice


Molnár ĽudovítSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Newman B. HarveyCalifornia Institute of Technology, Pasadena
Rudas ImreÓbuda University, Budapest


Feciľak PeterTechnical University of Košice


Babič FrantišekTechnical University of Košice
Bauer PavolDelft University of Technology
Behún MarcelTechnical University of Kosice
Berke JózsefJohn von Neumann Computer Society
Bours PatrickNorvwegian University of Science and Technology
Cehlár MichalTechnical University of Košice
Chovanec MartinTechnical University of Kosice
Čičák PavolSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Čižmár AntonTechnical University of Kosice
Dado MilanUniversity of Žilina
Dávid ÁkosUniversity of Pannonia Hungary
Doboš ĽubomírTechnical University of Košice
Dolnák IvanUniversity of Žilina
Doroshenko AnatoliyInstitute of Software Systems of NASU, Kiev
Drozdová MatildaUniversity of Žilina
Feciľak PeterTechnical University of Kosice
Galgóci GabrielMinistry of Economy of Slovak Republic
Gamcová MáriaTechnical University of Košice
Gavurová BeátaTechnical University of Košice
Genči JánTechnical University of Košice
Haľama MarekTechnical University of Košice
Hämäläinen TimoUniversity of Jyväskylä
Hautamaki JariUniversity of Appl. Science
Hluchý LadislavSlovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Informatics
Horváth PavolSANET - Slovak Academic Network, Bratislava
Huba MikulášSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Hudák RadoslavTechnical University of Košice
Hvorecký JozefCity University of Seattle, Bratislava
Jelemenská KatarínaSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Juhár JozefTechnical University of Košice
Juhás GabrielSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Kainz OndrejTechnical University of Kosice
Kess PekkaUniversity of Oulu
Kireš MariánUniversity of Pavol Jozef Šafárik
Klačková IvanaUniversity of Žilina
Klimo MartinUniversity of Žilina
Kotuliak IvanSlovak University of Technology
Kováčiková TatianaCOST Office, Brusel
Kovács LeventeÓbuda University, Budapest
Kyselovič JánSlovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Bratislava
Lelovský MárioSlovak IT Association
Lumnitzer ErvinTechnical University of Kosice
Mésároš PeterTechnical University of Košice
Meško DušanJessenius Faculty of Medicine, Martin
Michalko MiroslavTechnical University of Kosice
Modrák VladimírTechnical University of Kosice
Mulesa OksanaUzhorod National University
Mytnyk MykolaTernopil National Ivan Pul`uj Technical University
Nakano HiroshiKumamoto University
Pavlik TomašTechnical University of Košice
Peciar PeterFaculty of Mechanical Engineering STU Bratislava
Pekar AdrianDepartment of Networked Systems and Services, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Pietríková AlenaTechnical University of Kosice
Pišútová KatarínaComenius University
Piteľ JanTechnical University of Košice
Poruban JaroslavTechnical University of Košice
Radács LászlóUniversity of Miskolc
Restivo Maria TeresaUniversity of Porto
Ristvej JozefUniversity of Zilina
Salem Abdel-Badeeh M.Ain Shams University of Cairo
Segeč PavelUniversity of Žilina
Semanišin GabrielUniversity of Pavol Jozef Šafárik
Simonics IstvánObuda University, Budapest
Šimšík DušanTechnical University of Košice
Sinčák PeterTechnical University of Košice
Sobota BranislavTechnical University of Košice
Sovák PavolUniversity of Pavol Jozef Šafárik
Stopjakova VieraSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Strémy MaximiliánSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava - Advanced Technologies Research Institute – University Science Park CAMBO, Trnava
Stuchlíková ĽubicaSlovak University of Technology
Šveda DušanUPJŠ Košice
Turňa JánSlovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Bratislava
Usawaga TsuyoshiKumamoto University
Vagan TerziyanUniversity of Jyvaskyla
Vasková IvetaTechnical University of Košice
Vokorokos LiberiosTechnical University of Košice
White BeboSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University
Živčák JozefTechnical University of Košice
Zolotová IvetaTechnical University of Košice


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